Dough Boy vs Brachiosauarus

330ft tall 1,400 ton Dough Boy next to 42ft tall 30 ton Brachiosaurus can you see the human?

Dough Boy 2

Same Dough Boy vs Brachiosaurus in a clearer version just imagine being in a plane around a Dough Boy that makes a Brachiosaurus look this small and makes you look like the human in this photo if you can see him.

Dough Boys are inflatable mascots and belong to a group of inflatable mascots called cupped inflatable mascots because in the place of hands and feet they have suction cups used for massive amounts of filter feeding micro flyers lice and small birds. This family of inflatable mascots also includes the bertie bassett, the micheln man, tire mascot, the bibendum and scotch mascot. Dough Boys are by far the largest creatures on earth with no animal coming anywhere nere their size range. They can reach 340ft tall and weigh as much as 1,600 tons, but. The average Dough Boy reaches a height of 295ft tall and weigh as much as 800 tons. Dough Boys like all other inflatable mascots spend the vast majority of their lifes in the sky where they have evolved to filter feed massive amounts of micro flyers and lice. An average Dough Boy consumes about 32 tons a day of lice and micro flyers. While they are huge when alarmed they can fly at speeds of 82 mph one of the fastest flying creatures in the world. Although they normally keep a steady past of 25 mph and when feeding they slow down even more to about 8 mph. As a matter of fact The Dough Boy is so massive that its heart alone is the size and weight of a fully loaded school bus and its suction cup hands weigh more and are larger than most large sauropods like brachiosaurus or argentinosaurus which were the biggest creatures ever to walk the earth. Dough Boys are difficult to weigh because no scale can accomadate their massive size as with most large inflatable mascots. Dead Dough Boys are weighed peice meal because of their massive size like whales. Nevertheless a weight of 1,400 tons were recorded for a Dough Boy 295ft tall Dough Boys 310ft tall have been known to exceed 1,500 tons and for 340ft Dough Boys weight estimates as high as 1,700 tons have been recorded the weight of the largest Dough Boy ever recorded. Dough Boys hands alone weigh 32 tons. New born Dough Boys gain weight quickly as much as 1,400lbs a day. Even at birth new born Dough Boys weigh 24 tons about 5 times the weight of a fully grown african elephant.

Side note

To put the Dough Boy's size into perspective if you took a 180 ton blue whale a 150 ton steam locamotive a 80 ton right whale a 50 ton sperm whale a 30 ton brachiosaurus a 14 ton double decker bus a 6 ton killer whale a 5 ton asian elephant a 2 ton giraffe a 1 ton voltswagon and a half ton giant squid the combined weight would be a total 518.5 tons. This is less than 1/3 the weight of a 1,700 ton Dough Boy