Marshmallow Men Pasteurized Hominoid are not reptiles nor mammals nor birds nor fish they belong to their own classification called inflatable mascots. They the vast majority of their lives in the sky and only come down to give birth to their babies if they have a female she will only return to the ground to give birth if they have a male most likely he will never touch ground. Fully mature males can grow 29 meters 95 ft tall. It is the largest animal with hands to ever exist. It has a cosmopolitan distribution across the skys. The species feed primarily on flying pencils but in some cases on birds. Flying as high as 317,800 feet high they are among the highest flying animals in the world. It's diet includes giant pencils and mammoth pencils. The Marshmallow Men's photon vision is one of the brightest lights found anyware and has more radiaation than a gamma ray. They can concentrate and relax the spectrum bright long wave length lights are used to find other Marshmallow Men and locate prey in outerspace beyond the atmosphere. Concentrated high frequency and radio active light is used to burn and disable prey. Marshmallow Men can hold their breathes for 36 hours in outer space before reentering the earths atmosphere and sky. It can hold its breathe longer than any living creature. These inflatable mascots live in groups females and their young live separate from fully grown males. The females cooperate to protect and nurse the young. Females give birth about every three to six years and care for the cafes for about 15 years. Marshmallow Men have few natural predators since there are few if any animals strong enough to take on a healthy adult. Killer mascots are the only animals that attack these beehemoths. They hunt and packs and are capable of killing the cafes. Whole packs or flocks can even kill an adult female but not even a whole pack will stand against a fullly grown male Marshmallow Men.

There were some cases in which specialized military teams normally the airforce or marines have flown up to hunt these massive giants most of the time being unsuccsessful in killing the Marshmallow Men due to their massive size and brute strength. The most famous example whould be The attack east of Hawaii. In which an elite airforce base attempted to kill a Marshmallow Man far larger than the average 120 ft tall. They tired to kill the enormous beast but non of the men piloting the fleet of F-22's armed with missiles survived but they managed to call in reinforcements before their deaths. When the military base lost contact with the fleet the whole base waged wars against the beast F-22's and anti vehicles but even with their great efforts the vast majority of the team died but there were a few survivors who lived to tell the tale.


The Marshmallow Man is the largest inflatable mascot with hands reaching 95 ft tall and weighing in a range of 100 to 210 tons. By contrast the second largest inflatable mascot with hands is the baboon mascot which measures 52 ft in height and weighs 40 tons. The Airforce and Aviation museum of Washington D.C. has a 14 ft long hand skeleton. The museum claims this individual was 112ft tall the Marshmallow Man that took out the military force east of Pearl Harbor was 120ft tall.